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Robyn Nola is grateful for nature's gifts

robyn-nolaRobyn Nola knows that nature saved her life. Four years ago, Nola faced a diagnosis with a life-threatening kidney disease. The years of working in the physically demanding field of massage therapy was exacerbating a lurking kidney disorder. The long hours she spent on her feet were taking a toll.

In her struggle to get well, she rekindled her passion for photography. She began photographing flowers in her backyard just for fun and relaxation. Nola also photographed flowers during her vacations with her husband. While on a trip in San Diego that relaxing hobby suddenly turned magical. Nola's unaltered image a lotus flower, stunned her husband.

"Something was special about this photo, it had a magical quality. It was quite remarkable," said Steve Kricun, Nola's husband.

Since that summer day, Nola has captured many more "magical" images.

Now she shares her appreciation and love for nature with the world through her website. At visitors can purchase Nola's magical images in a variety of affordable products.

Nola only photographs in natural light. She has the knack for finding the right combination of composition and lighting making her art unique and distinct. Her eye for detail has led many to compare her to a modern day Georgia O'Keefe.

While pursuing her passion for nature photography another bit of magic was taking place.

On a routine visit with her nephrologist, Nola received amazing news. Her doctor informed her that she had "100% normal" kidney function and the only reason she needed to come back would be just to say hi.

There is no doubt in Nola's mind what led her back to health. She knows it was following her hobby turned passion for being in nature and photographing all of the beauty that she saw.

"I really appreciate all of the beauty in a single flower. With my camera, I take the time to get up close and explore each flower. I love to see all the details nature created," Nola said.

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